When Superior Packing And Handling Is Needed During A Residential Move

Posted on: 27 December 2022

When items of value or fragile items are going to be delivered to a new home, seeking a liftgate delivery service may be preferred. Although this type of service is often more expensive than a standard moving service, the extras that are included with this type of move can be well worth the cost that is invested.

Items That Require Care

If a residential property owner never hired a professional moving crew before, they may not know what a liftgate delivery service entails. There are many types of household possessions or personal situations that may necessitate hiring this type of moving crew. A liftgate is used to lift items up into the cargo area of a moving vehicle. Less movement on a mover's part will ensure that household goods are not jostled around while they are being loaded.

The liftgate will be used at the opposite end of the move, too. Movers will not need to struggle with toting heavy or bulky items out from the cargo area. Instead, they can control the movement of the items as they are lowered onto the ground. Items that require care include any household goods that an individual is worried about becoming damaged while in transit. An elderly person or someone with mobility issues may also appreciate using a liftgate service that will omit them from needing to have an active role in the packing and transport process.

Full-Service Moves

Not knowing the proper way to pack household goods can result in items not remaining stable while they are being transported. In spite of good efforts while packing, a property owner may ultimately deal with damage to some of their heirlooms or most expensive possessions. A liftgate delivery moving company may advertise that they offer a white glove service. A full-service move that includes a white glove attribute will essentially mean that all of the items that will be transported will be packed and handled with the ultimate level of care.

A client will not need to lift any items that a moving crew will be responsible for. Instead, they can sit back and observe as furnishings are disassembled and packed or while artwork and other expensive pieces are carefully wrapped up and loaded into the cargo part of a moving vehicle. The full service doesn't stop during the second half of a move. Once the items wind up at their final destination, the white glove moving crew will get to work on bringing the household goods indoors and setting up each room within the residence.

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