Protecting Your Trash Cans From Wildlife Intrusions

Posted on: 24 August 2022

If you are a new homeowner, one of the services you need to set up is the removal of your trash on a routine basis. A trash removal service will usually pick up any household garbage you have collected throughout a week's time. It is important to take steps to keep this trash contained properly so wildlife does not try to access it from your trash cans, which can cause an unfortunate cleanup session for you, and the possibility of a missed garbage pickup week.

Keep Your Cans Protected Between Pickup Dates

Instead of leaving your garbage cans outdoors where animals have easy access to them, hold the containers in a garage or shed if possible. If you do not have either of these structures on your property, invest in a small garbage can holding shed. These are usually made of rigid plastic and they hold the cans in place with locking doors so animals cannot get into them easily. The doors can then be opened so the cans can be wheeled to the curb on your collection date.

Use The Power Of Scent To Mask Odor

If animals are able to smell the contents of a garbage can, they will be more apt to try to get inside it. Spray the interior of each of your cans with a mixture of vinegar and water before you start filling them with trash. In addition, give each of your trash bags a spray down before placing garbage inside of them. This helps to decrease odor effectively. Other scent blockers to consider include ammonia and essential oil sprays. If you know you have exceptionally smelly trash to dispose of, place the trash bag it is contained in inside of another trash bag. This double-bagging method will make it harder for animals to smell what is kept inside of your cans.

Consider Using A Compost Pile For Natural Waste

Instead of placing food scraps in your household trash where it is prone to wildlife trying to get to it, place the scraps in a compost pile instead. Composting food scraps along with natural debris from the outdoors can be used as fertilizing soil for gardening and landscaping projects. It also decreases the amount of trash you hold in your cans, allowing you to downgrade the sizes of the cans or upgrade the amount of trash you place inside the cans you use regularly. 

For more information, contact a local garbage removal company.