Important Tips for Convenient Stores Choosing Tobacco Scan Data Reporting Programs

Posted on: 4 May 2022

If you have a convenience store that plans on selling tobacco to consumers, you have the ability to opt into a scan data program, such as Altria scan data. This is where the sales of your tobacco are tracked and sent to institutions for research and indexing purposes. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right scan data program to opt into.

Make Sure Program Is Compatible with POS Systems

Your convenience store probably already makes use of POS (point of sale) systems because they make it easy to track sales. It's important to make sure the tobacco scan data reporting program you opt into is compatible with these existing POS systems.

Then you won't have to make a bunch of adjustments to the way your retail store is set-up and run. You can use the same POS systems and still track data regarding the sale of tobacco. 

See How Much You Get Paid

One of the better things about opting into a scan data reporting program with an institution is you'll be paid for the tobacco data you collect and send off. However, this rate can vary depending on which scan data reporting program you opt into.

For this reason, you want to consider multiple scan data reporting programs and see what their current payrates are. Then you can choose one that pays the most and thus make the most out of these tobacco-related data reporting activities.

Verify Monthly Promotions Are Provided to Customers 

You don't just want your convenience store benefitting from a tobacco scan data reporting program. You want your customer base also benefitting because it will make them want to come back for more products, thus helping your convenience store sustain a successful business model.

What you need to do is search for scan data reporting programs that give your customers access to monthly promotions. That will help them save a lot of money each time they buy tobacco-related products. It's a win-win scenario for you, the customer, and the institution that you're sending this data off to at different intervals.

If you plan on selling tobacco regularly to customers in a convenience store, then you should really consider enrolling in a tobacco scan data reporting program. Then you'll get paid and help customers save money just by giving institutions data on your tobacco sales. You just need to find the right program before collecting and submitting this data.