Buying A New TV? Know Which Features Help The Screen Remain Visible

Posted on: 12 February 2021

If you are getting ready to purchase a new television, you are likely doing a ton of research into all the different models available. This can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed with all the information and even struggling to compare television sets when you do not know what is important. One thing that may be important to you is ensuring that the screen itself is always visible no matter what room the TV is in or the angle that it is viewed. Here are some tips to better understand these two problems when reading TV reviews. 

Viewing Angle

One aspect of televisions that often gets forgotten about is the viewing angle. Most people do not have living rooms that are set up as a home theater, with seating on the side and at weird angles where viewing the TV is not perfect. If you do have a room setup that is not ideal with straight-on viewing, it is worth looking at review information for the viewing angles.

The things that you want to look at specifically are how the colors change when you are viewing from the side. Some TVs are capable of showing a good image from a side angle, while others will have the colors shift or appear washed out if not viewed directly in front of the TV. You'll find that OLEDs tend to have some of the better viewing angles, making it a great choice for those wide shaped rooms.


If you will be putting the TV in a basement or room where you have complete control of the light, then the reflections off the TV will not matter. However, TVs that are placed in a living room or area with plenty of windows can have issues with reflections. Reflections can be reduced by having an anti-reflective coating on the television, which will make it so that bright light sources appear dimmed and do not cause the image to be difficult to view. 

A glossy finish is not going to be great when dealing with direct reflections, such as windows or light sources that are in the room. A semi-gloss finish can be better to reduce those direct light sources. Matte screen finishes are going to reduce as much direct light as possible, which can be best for those that will be using their television as a computer monitor as well.

Look for HD TV reviews that say whether other consumers like the viewing angle or whether it took time to adjust the screen.