The Basics of Propane Delivery Service Selection

Posted on: 17 December 2020

If you have recently moved into a property that relies on propane for heating or appliances, you're probably looking for suppliers to find the best solution for your home. Many companies offer propane delivery contracts and different options, but it can be difficult to determine which one is the best choice. Here's a look at some things you should consider when you're trying to choose the right propane gas delivery service for your needs.

Ask About Pricing Tiers

Every propane delivery company has its own unique pricing structure for deliveries. You'll need to ask each one about their pricing structure, but be sure that you clarify if those rates are starting prices. If they are, you'll need to budget for the increased rates for future deliveries.

Another key pricing tier consideration is discount pricing for automatic deliveries. Many companies will offer discounts if you commit to a specific delivery interval. You'll need an idea of how much propane you expect to use during each period, but most companies will adjust your delivery schedule if you find that the interval is too frequent or not frequent enough.

Look For Payment Plan Structures

Especially when propane is used as the fuel source for your heating system, you'll find that you spend far more in propane costs during the cold weather months when you use a lot more propane than in those months when the heating system isn't running. This can be stressful to your budget in those cold months when you're left paying by delivery.

Recognizing this strain, many propane companies now offer budget programs that distribute the cost throughout the year. You'll pay a flat rate every month for the anticipated propane usage based on historical records from the property. This will be adjusted at the end of the year to account for actual usage, or it will be rolled into an adjusted pricing structure for the following year if necessary.

Consider Emergency Delivery Options

Choosing the right propane supplier also means ensuring that they can meet your emergency delivery needs. After all, if you run out between deliveries, you'll be left in a lurch if you can't get an emergency delivery. If you sign a delivery contract, you'll want to also clarify if there are any additional fees for those emergency deliveries. The more you understand about these last-minute propane supply needs and requirements, the easier it is to choose the right supplier for those situations.