Niche Business Idea: Custom Stickers For Scrapbooking And Why It Would Succeed

Posted on: 29 August 2016

If you love stickers, and you were that kid that horded them and traded them with a vicious skill, then sticker printing and sales might be the perfect job for you. However, you will need some sort of angle or niche to make your business succeed, because stickers are everywhere. One idea would be custom stickers for scrapbooking. Here is more on that idea and why it would succeed.

Scrapbooking Involves All Kinds of "Embellishments"

Scrapbooking enthusiasts refer to their stickers as "embellishments." These "embellishments" include gem stickers, themed stickers, and even 3D die-cut stickers. Unfortunately for some scrapbookers, there is never quite the right sticker to embellish a specific page from a specific event or trip. That is where your business venture in the world of custom stickers would come in. You could provide the perfect stickers, or "embellishments," to satisfy any scrapbooker's unique needs and crafting desires.

Custom Sticker Options You Could Offer

There are two approaches to this venture, but you might want to take both of them just to make some sales. The first approach allows you to make dozens or hundreds of very unique stickers and sell them online. The second approach is a "custom sticker on demand" business. Customers can describe and request a very specific sticker or set of stickers, then pay you to create and produce them. The first approach gives you lots of creative license to make and sell some stickers for profit while you wait for individual custom orders from other customers.

Why Your Niche Sticker Business Would Succeed

Scrapbooking is a crafting hobby that does not die. It peters out from time to time, but the minute someone pages through a memory album, there is a resurgence in the desire to document major life events. This events often circle around marriage, babies, or trips of a lifetime. Because these events are so very personal to the people who create scrapbooks and memory albums around them, only custom stickers and the most unique stickers could ever properly decorate the pages of these individual books. 

Your niche stickers could also jumpstart new trends and new interest in either scrapbooking or sticker trading, something that kids still like to do when the stickers are interesting enough. During times when the interest in scrapbooking takes a dip, you could cater to kids who want stickers they just cannot get anywhere else. For all of these reasons, you may want to give this venture a shot.

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