Preparing For An Emergency Delivery Of Portable Water

Posted on: 6 August 2016

As a home owner, you might experience a water emergency resulting from a compromise in quality or pump failure. If this happens, it may become necessary to order bulk water for your household needs.  After locating a licensed and certified bulk water hauling company, you will place your order and wait for them to send their trucks to your house. You need to prepare adequately for a smooth delivery of the bulk water by following some of the guidelines below.

Calculate the amount of water you need

The first step in ensuring a smooth delivery is calculating the exact amount of water that you need because many hauling companies use different size loads, such as 10,000 or 20,000 liters tankers.  It is not a difficult task to calculate how much you need. You will just decide the number of tanks to be filled up and sum up their corresponding capacities. Calculating the amount of water you require is important because the hauling company will know which lorry to send over, or the number of trips they will make to your house to fulfill the order.

Feeding the system

You need to find out how the water delivered to your home will be fed to the system. Hauling companies use either gravity feeding or pump the water directly into your reservoir. Knowing this will help you to adequately prepare the access to your pumping station to avoid wasting time once the delivery truck arrives. In addition, you will also need to find out if your connection is a bottom feed or top feed so that the hauling company can know the type of the pump they need to use to overcome static head when the tank is filling up. More so, you will also need to know whether an additional hose pipe is required to connect the tank to the hauler is it is not able to gain close access to your house.

If you are well prepared before emergency bulk water is delivered to your house, the process will done efficiently and take the shortest time possible. Once the water is delivered, there is no harm in asking the company representative to provide proof that the water is safe. They will have no problem furnishing you with a copy of certification that shows a complete analysis of their water quality. This will assure you that the water supplied is safe and suitable for domestic use.

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