Yard And Patio Decorating Ideas For People Who Rent

Posted on: 17 June 2016

Have you recently moved into a new house or apartment? Are there sections of the yard that you think are less than ideal, but you're unable to do anything with because you rent? When you own a property, landscaping can be a relatively simple matter. But if you're renting, then you may need to find less permanent ways of changing the property. Here are some things that you can do that are unlikely to lose you your security deposit:

New patio furniture: Whether you have a house or an apartment, new patio furniture can mean the difference between a yard that looks well-kept and one that looks more or less abandoned. Even if you do nothing else to a yard or patio, clean furniture can give the dwelling a lived-in feel that can be lacking if no furniture is present. While you might be tempted to simply drag one or more chairs from your dining set outside when you want to sit, the look and feel of doing so will be completely different than if you purchase and use true outdoor furniture.

Privacy screen: Maybe you have a section of garage that you want to keep hidden from obvious sight, or perhaps you simply have some plants on your patio that need partial shade. Whatever the reason, a faux ivy privacy screen may be just what you're looking for. Unlike real ivy, a faux ivy privacy screen can go practically anywhere, especially where it's impractical or impossible to plant real ivy. And unlike other types of screening materials, a faux ivy privacy screen can give an area a natural look. For example, if you have a tiny apartment with a small patio, putting up a faux ivy privacy screen on all sides can give the illusion that you're sitting in an English garden when you're outside.

Solar lights: Solar lights used to be extremely expensive and an impractical option for people who were simply renting. These days, you can purchase individual solar lights for just a few dollars. Installing these lights is a simple matter of inserting a stake into the ground and then putting the light fixture onto the stake. Just like how faux ivy privacy screens are perfect for places where you can't plant real ivy, solar lights are perfect for situations where you're unable to run an electrical wire for real lights. The only limitation is, obviously, that the lights must be placed in an area that receives sun for at least part of the day.