Tips For Creating Custom ID Cards For Your Homeschool

Posted on: 28 May 2016

For many first-time homeschoolers, navigating some of the specific requirements can be complicated. Even something as simple as getting a student or teacher discount on something can be more challenging than you'd think. Most every one of these discounts and student-only programs require some form of identification. If you've just registered with your state to homeschool for the first time, you might not know how to get something like this, nevermind what it should include to be considered acceptable for most discount services. Luckily, you can have your own custom identification cards made to meet these needs, but you need to understand the basics of what each card should show.

Choose a Color Scheme

Most schools have identified school colors, so everything they produce for students comes in those colors. If you want your school identification cards to appear legitimate, you'll want to have them crafted in a consistent color scheme. That way, they are uniform and clearly part of the same organization or establishment.

Include A School Identifier

When you look at identification cards from most public and private schools, they include the name of the school across the top of the card. In most states, you have to name your homeschool as part of the registration because those states view your homeschool as a private school. If the state doesn't require a name, you should still place something like "Home Education" across the space where the school name should be. This maintains a consistent template.

Add A Picture

You might not think that a picture would be necessary for your identification cards. After all, you know who your children are. However, most services that offer discounts want that picture ID for validation. Making the cards picture Identifications helps to ensure that nobody else could take them and use them. Under each picture, they should be labeled with 'Student" or "Teacher", depending on whose identification it is. Even though you're homeschoolers, these designations still apply.

Include School Year Ranges

For student identifications, it's important that you label them with the current school year as well as the grade they are in. While this means getting a new identification card for your kids every year, that's important for children anyway because they change so much from year to year as they grow. Designating a grade level and identifying the school year helps to reduce the questions about the validity of the identification, given that you're not part of a traditional institution.

Don't spend your first homeschool year paying full price for things that offer student and educator discounts. With these tips, you can order custom ID cards online for you and your homeschool students.