3 Tips For Renting A Box Truck

Posted on: 19 April 2016

Are you planning to pack your house up and move but don't have a vehicle of a sufficient size to accomplish the task efficiently? The best way to resolve the problem is to invest in a box truck rental from a moving company, as they are available in various sizes to accommodate your belongings. Take a look at the article below to learn a few tips for renting a box truck.

1. Inspect the Truck in Advance

You must keep in mind that you will be held responsible for any damages that are done to the rental truck when it is in your possession. It is a good idea to ask the rental company if you can inspect the exact box truck that will be rented out to you before paying the fee. Make sure that every aspect of the inside and outside the truck is inspected; even it is something as minor as a small tear being in the seat. Take a good look at all of the tires for signs of excessive loss of tread and objects being stuck inside of them.  Inspecting the tires is especially important if you will be taking the box truck over a long distance.

2. Make Sure a Good Insurance Policy is in Place

If your personal insurance policy does not cover rental vehicles, you will have the option of obtaining coverage through the box truck rental company. It is not in your best interest to get the most minimum extent of coverage, such as a policy that will coverage damages to the vehicle if you get in an accident and is held liable. You should opt for spending a little extra money for insurance that will cover your belongings in a collision. You can never predict when an accident might happen, as you can't control how other people drives their vehicles when you are sharing the roads with them.

3. Don't Assume That a Dolly is Included

If you don't want to struggle with moving boxes and furniture out of your house, make sure that you ask if a dolly is included in the box truck. You must keep in mind that not every box truck rental company automatically includes the dolly, and it is worth paying extra to get one if you need it. You should also make sure that the truck that you rent includes a ramp for easily rolling the dolly onto the truck when it is loaded with your belongings. Reserve a box truck for your move as soon as you can.