Budget-Friendly Weddings: Inexpensive Venues To Consider

Posted on: 15 January 2016

If you are currently planning your wedding, you might find that many venues get pricey. If you would rather spend more of the wedding budget on the decorations as opposed to the venue itself, there are some great options out there. Here are some of the inexpensive wedding venues to consider.

Banquet Hall

The first thing you should consider is having your wedding reception at a local banquet hall. There are many banquet halls that are spacious enough to set it up however you like, with some great opportunities for decorating it just how you like. A benefit to banquet halls is that they often provide you with tables and chairs, so you don't need to rent them. If you can find a banquet hall that also has kitchen and bar accessories for your caterer to use, that is even better.

Church Wedding

Another option is to use the hall that the church has on-site. While many people have their ceremony in the church, then the reception in a nearby location, you are paying for two different venues. Many churches offer a small hall on their property that you can rent from them and save quite a bit of money on the wedding. Just keep in mind that it might be smaller than what you originally anticipated, so you may need to adjust your guest list or the type of reception you have. There may also be rules, such as not allowing drinking on-site.

Beach Venue

If you are having your wedding during one of the warmer months, you can have a beach wedding and pay very little for the venue. You can choose a local beach that allows weddings, where all you pay is for renting the tables, chairs, tents, and decorations. You may need to pay a small amount if the area is managed by a local hotel or the city, but it is often less than when you get other venues, such a room inside the nearby hotel. For more information, contact Itoo Society Banquet Inc or a similar company.

Backyard Wedding

Finally, one of the best ways to save money on your wedding is to have it in someone's home. This is good for smaller weddings when you only want close friends and family. You can have both the ceremony and reception in someone's home, either inside or in the backyard. Have someone close to you that can become ordained as a minister to perform the ceremony and have close relatives making the meals. You can even have someone you know bake the cake for a fraction of the price.