Three Options To Memorialize A Beloved Pet

Posted on: 11 December 2015

Many people feel their pets are family members, and mean as much to them as any human family member. These people take wonderful care of their pets, and provide them with the best in toys, treats, food, bedding and veterinary care. Pets have a much shorter lifespan than humans, and at the end of a pet's life, the path isn't as clear-cut as it is when a human passes away. Pet parents have three options when a pet ends their earthly journey.


Most pets are buried when they pass away. For pet owners who live on farms and other rural properties, this is still an option. However, many cities and towns have ordinances prohibiting the burial of pets in yards. Some large cities offer cemeteries where the bodies of pets can be interred. Veterinary clinics may also offer similar services. Choosing a peaceful setting for burial of a much-loved pet gives the family an opportunity to visit the pet when they need some time to sit and reflect. Memorials may also be placed at the gravesite to commemorate the pet's life. Some examples of memorials are engraved benches, stones and plaques. Trees and flowers may also be planted in memory of the pet.


Pet parents who want to keep a tangible reminder of their pet may choose to have the pet cremated. There are many services that offer pet cremation; these services are typically found in larger towns and cities. The provider of the service takes the pet's body to the pet crematorium. Once the ashes are complete, they are placed in a decorative urn with the pet's name engraved on an attached plaque. The pet's ashes may also be worn in a locket or other piece of jewelry. These providers also act as funeral providers for pet funerals; these services are similar to funerals for humans. Memorial services can be held at the location, and the pet's friends and family members may come and pay their respects to a valued part of their lives. 

Other Keepsakes

Pet parents may also wish to have other keepsakes made to remind them of their departed furry friend. Some popular keepsakes are paw prints and nose prints pressed into plaster molds. Clips of the pet's fur can be tucked into a beautiful locket or other piece of jewelry. These services may be provided by the veterinarian's office. Pet parents may also contact a pet memorial provider to have these keepsakes made. Once the molds are made and the locks of fur preserved, the pet's body may then be buried or cremated as the pet parent desires.