Features You'll Need To Maximize Your Chain Link Fence Security

Posted on: 24 November 2015

Chain link fences may be the most cost-effective option for constructing a fence when you choose the bare minimum features. However, if you would like to maximize the security for your property, there are several other additional security measures that you can install on your commercial security fence that will make your property much harder to bypass. With an intrusion detection system, you'll also know when someone bypasses your fence.


Barbed wire and razor wire make it more difficult to climb over the fence. Depending on the design, some chain link fences are challenging to climb. Some chain-link fences are designed to establish a complete enclosure. The top part of the chain-link fence may also be slanted to make it more challenging to climb over the top.


Some intruders try to enter the chain link fence by climbing underneath, but anti-lifting fences make this more difficult to accomplish. Also, there are dig-out guards that make it more difficult to dig underneath a fence. Galvanized sheet metal is buried underneath the chain link fence so intruders have to dig to an unreasonable depth to dig underneath the fence.


Anti-cutting measures are also essential since intruders often cut through chain link fences to bypass them. Expanded metal is an option that does not bend and is much harder to cut through. It will not twist and come undone, creating openings through which intruders can bypass.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection system trigger an alarm when an intruder touches the chain link fence. Less expensive alarm systems often trigger false alarms when animals, tree branches or strong wind create movement. However, more advanced alarm systems have no false alarms. Some commercial fences come with microprocessors designed to detect vibrations, but can determine when a specific vibration must have come from something other than an intruder. Fences can come with different sensitivity settings so that you can place the fence at the highest setting and lower it if you are frequently experiencing false alarms.

Audible Alarms And Independent Monitoring

The intrusion detection systems can generate an audible alarm that can alert both your personnel and the intruder to the alarm having been triggered. The alarm can also be silent if you instead would like to catch the intruder in the act. The alarm system can be connected to an independent monitoring system that will alert authorities when an intruder triggers the alarm.

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