Four Tips For Clearing Out Your Storage Unit On A Rainy Day

Posted on: 25 August 2015

Renting a storage unit makes it easier to stay organized at home due to the additional room you will have for storing practically anything, but moving out of your current home can often mean that you will not have easy access to the unit any longer. If you cannot use your storage unit any longer due to an upcoming move, you will need to tackle the project of emptying out the unit.

While it is best to save this work for a sunny day, sometimes your schedule may not allow it and the weather forecast includes rain for the day of clearing out the unit. To prevent any damage to your furniture and other belongings, you will need to take some extra time to prepare with the rain in mind.

Use Tarps to Cover Furniture

If there is any furniture inside of your storage unit, you can provide plenty of protection by simply using tarps. You may already have a tarp in the unit to protect your furniture from dust, but it can also help keep rain away. By draping a tarp over your furniture before moving it out of the unit and into the rain, the upholstery, wood, or other materials can all be protected.

Opt for Garbage Bags for Cheap Protection

For those short on cash and needing to move boxes or smaller items, there is no better option than garbage bags. These waterproof bags can easily by tossed over or draped on top of any of your boxes and allow them to be moved out of the storage unit without a problem.

Prepare the Loading Area

The easiest way to ensure that your items make it from the unit to the vehicle without any problems is ensure that the vehicle is parked close by and that you will not have issues with heavier items. Using a dolly for the furniture is a good idea, along with parking as close as possible or even backing the vehicle practically into the unit.

Dress Appropriately for the Weather

Moving boxes and furniture out of a storage unit and into the vehicle can be uncomfortable if you become drenched due to the rain. To prevent this, make sure to dress appropriately, such as wearing a water proof jacket and rain boots. These items will keep you dry and ensure that you can comfortably move everything without the potential of slipping or needing to take breaks due to the weather.

As you prepare for moving your belongings out of a storage unit, you need to consider the implications that the rain can bring. Making special plans with the rainy weather in mind will ensure that clearing out the unit will not be a problem. Talk with a local storage facility, like A Space Bank Mini Storage, for more tips.