Getting Your Parents' Valuables Ready For Storage When They Make The Move To Assisted Living

Posted on: 9 July 2015

You want your parents' transition from home to assisted living to be as smooth as possible, and taking good care of their most treasured belongings is a big part of making that happen. While you can solve the challenges of downsizing from a house to a room by selling off most of the unwanted furniture, don't be surprised when your parents ask to hold on to their artwork, special china, antiques and all of the other valuables they've collected over the years.  

Because pricey collector items are usually fragile and must be well-maintained to retain their value, you'll need a different game plan for moving and storing them safely. Here's how to pull it off:

Find Smarter Storage

When it comes to choosing a self-storage unit, size and location are usually the deciding factors, and although they still count, there are other things you want to check first here. Since you probably won't be stopping by every week to move your parents' possessions, location carries less weight while protective features matter a great deal more. Managers who are on site 24 hours a day, sophisticated video surveillance, and climate control are some of the must-haves you'll want to look for to keep valuables safe from both burglary and wear and tear.

Book a Rental Van

Most passenger cars are too small to handle even a single sizable haul to the storage unit, and rental trucks aren't ideal in every case. That's because they're designed to handle bulky furniture and not so much a handful of breakables. More compact than standard rental trucks and full of convenient nooks and crannies where you can secure everything from framed artwork to vintage jewelry, rental vans through a company like Elite Truck Rental are perfect for making a quick run to the storage facility.

Plus, with your entire load packed within reach, it's much easier to spot valuables that are about to let loose from their packaging and break, so you can get everything to its destination in one piece. If you do have too many things to fit into a rental van, keep them safe in a smaller moving truck with strong tie-downs, flexible straps, soft blankets, and moving rope.

Pack Like You've Never Packed Before

You already know that fragile dinnerware goes in bubble wrap, but one-of-a-kind valuables have their own set of packing rules. Pack each one separately, and choose the supplies based on its material, finish, and age. For example, an antique vase with a delicate painted-on exterior should be wrapped in tissue paper first to prevent the slightest scuff marks.

For the really big-ticket items, consider adding on insurance for extra coverage for moving day or longer. Just be sure to double check your storage agreement before you splurge. Many facilities build mandatory basic coverage into their rental contracts.