Do You Hate Moving...But You're Doing It Anyway?

Posted on: 3 June 2015

If you lack the time, energy or motivation to change residences, but you have to move regardless, it is time to consider hiring a full-service mover to do it for you. For instance, one of the most stressful aspects of moving is usually the fear of losing or damaging your belongings. Another common concern is that a move will take longer to complete than planned, which makes everything else go badly later in the day.

Fortunately, experienced movers can plan a move more thoroughly; therefore, the move will be faster. In addition, it is also possible to choose movers who allow you to examine the items they moved for you, before they leave, so you know they treated your possessions with respect. That option is known as white glove service and can be seen as the difference between a professional mover and the guys you paid to move your stuff

Tips For Understanding White Glove Service

You may have been be surprised to learn that white glove service is not just a way to check for dust. Instead, it is one aspect of a professional, confident mover with your best interests at heart. It is available whether you are moving, buying or selling just one item or you need to relocate every item in your home.

It involves giving you the opportunity to thoroughly investigate each item after the move. Damage, scuffs, missing pieces, mixed-up cords and other problems often associated with moving will not be associated with your move.

Know When Paying More Gets Better Results

It is important to note that almost anyone can rent a truck, fill some boxes and move your belongings. Unfortunately, if they are injured while doing so, you could be held responsible for medical expenses, lost wages, etc. There is also a greater chance of damaged or missing items, as previously mentioned, and you are unlikely to have a guarantee as to how long the moving process will actually take. It would not be unheard of for someone to deliberately take extra time to increase their income for the day .

If you have experienced any of those situations in the past or would like to avoid those predicaments in the future, make sure that you hire a professional, well-respected moving company. It will also be useful to get references, and a professional would expect to have details about the move in writing. They will also be insured, just in case a completely unexpected event occurred and your belongings were damaged.

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