4 Reasons For A New CDL Holder To Choose Temporary Over-The-Road Jobs

Posted on: 7 April 2015

If your heart is set on a permanent, over-the-road truck driving job but you're not having any luck, don't dismiss temporary CDL jobs just yet. It's often difficult for a new commercial driver's license holder to get job offers from reputable companies; many of those companies have specific requirements for experience. Temporary CDL jobs offer advantages to the new truck driver and even have positive aspects that entice many drivers to stick with temp agencies for the long haul.

Acquire Experience & Improve Your Skills

As you work on temp jobs, you'll continually add more driving hours to your resume, making you a more suitable candidate for permanent positions. You'll probably work for more than one trucking company, which gives you experience operating different equipment, as well as dealing with different management and dispatch styles. 

Work Temp-to-Hire

Working in any field on a temporary basis gives people a foot in the door at the organization. Often, companies are planning to hire someone for a position they are now filling temporarily. If the temp worker is a good fit, he or she may receive a job offer. That's true in the trucking industry as well as in other occupations. 

Have No Obligations to Accept Offers

If you feel uncomfortable about any company you're driving for, you're not obligated to accept a permanent job offer. That saves you the trouble of working directly for one organization for a short time, feeling compelled to quit, and then starting over again looking for a new position. 

Enjoy Flexibility

Over-the-road drivers typically don't have the luxury of cherry-picking the runs they want to accept or taking a weekend off when they happen to feel like it. They may be away from home for weeks at a time and be forced to drive on a rather erratic schedule that may include nights, weekends and holidays.

Temporary agencies offer truck drivers more flexibility. It's true that you shouldn't play too fast and loose with turning down opportunities, as the agency needs reliable workers. However, you'll get more leeway than you normally would with a permanent over-the-road job. 

Start the Application Process

You can find temporary employment agencies that hire class A and class B drivers by searching online. Agencies like Montu Staffing Solutions are eager to hear from you and to have you fill out an online application. Start the process and take your first step toward acquiring a great over-the-road driving job.