Designing The Perfect Business Card

Posted on: 9 February 2015

Owning your own business is a great way to make a living, as long as you are able to attract paying customers and clients. One good idea for promoting your efforts is to carry business cards with you wherever you go. This way, you give any potential clients you meet an easy way to access all of your contact information, should they decide to make use of your services. Dull and forgettable business cards get tossed aside quickly, however. To avoid this possibility, keep these key graphic design tips for business cards in mind.

Size and Shape

Business cards typically have a standard size and shape. Cards are generally designed with proportions that are 2 inches high and 3.5 inches wide. These measurements ensure that the cards fits easily into a person's hand. The standard shape is rectangular, but you are not obligated to use the standard dimensions. For instance, making the border of the card curved or angled is an interesting way to gain someone's attention, because it stands out from the typical card.


Color is another crucial graphic design element for business card creators. The colors should be pleasing to the eye and should complement each other. Avoid the trap of simply using eye-catching colors because they stand out. You want the colors to be attractive, not garish. If you use certain colors in your other advertising media, such as brochures or print ads, use them on your business cards as well.


Selecting the fonts for your card offers you an opportunity to get creative. Rather than using the traditional fonts that everyone else puts on their cards, mix it up a little. Choosing fonts that are subtly different from the established fonts gives your card a touch of individuality, while the text itself remains easy to read. Try making your fonts a little larger, thicker or higher than the usual fonts for best results.


A compelling, well-designed logo for your business card is essential. Strong logos tend to stick in a person's mind and increase the chances that your card will be kept rather than thrown away.

Making use of these graphic design elements will help your business cards capture your client's or customer's attention, but not everyone has the necessary design skills to do the job themselves. To make certain that your business cards have a professional look, contact a graphic design company for assistance.