Full Value Protection: Why It Is Ideal Insurance For A Move

Posted on: 18 December 2014

If you are relocating to a new house and don't want to do a lot of packing, you can hire a professional moving company to assist you. The great thing is you have no need to worry about a financial loss if anything is broken by accident because you can invest in full value protection insurance. Below, discover why full value protection is ideal insurance coverage for a move and how to file a claim if you need to.

Why is Full Value Protection Ideal Insurance for a Move?

It is typical for a professional moving company to handle their customer's belongings with a lot of care. However, it is still possible for an accident to happen, so you must have some type of coverage in place. Full value protection is the type of insurance coverage that allows you to receive full compensation for accidentally broken items on behalf of the moving company. You will receive compensation based on what the broken item is worth in the current market, unlike other insurance plans that compensate based on the depreciated price.

Full value protection insurance can come in handy if a reckless driver happens to run into the mover that is transporting your belongings to the new house. Even something like bad weather can lead to your belongings getting damaged along the way, even if the driver of the moving truck is a professional. All you will have to do is file a claim for damaged items if you have insurance.

How Can a Claim be Filed for Damaged Items?

You may be given a form to fill out when you hire the moving company that can be used in case something is damaged. Some moving companies may simply want you to call if you discover anything damaged as you begin unpacking your boxes. Don't file a claim until you are sure all damaged items have been unpacked, as it will allow you to include them all in one claim.

You can take up to nine months to file a claim for damages if you desire to do so. However, it is a good idea to file the claim as soon as possible so you won't forget to do it later on. You may need to provide the moving company with a list of quotes for the current value of each item you want to be compensated for. With the help of a professional moving company and full value protection insurance coverage, you will be moved to your new place with little stress.

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