Should You Have An Indoor Pool Installed? The Pros & Cons

Posted on: 8 December 2014

If you are making upgrades to your home in order to make it more comfortable and enjoyable, then you are aware of the wide array of different choices there are. One popular upgrade that many homeowners make is adding a pool. Pools are great, not only for cooling off in the summer, but they're also good for exercise. If you would like to have a pool installed in your home, then you may be experiencing difficulty deciding whether an indoor pool would be better than an outdoor choice.

Here are some pros and cons of indoor pools:


  • Ease of cleaning – since you don't have to worry about insects and outdoor debris, cleaning your indoor pool will be easier, and you will therefore spend less on pool service.
  • Privacy – you have the option of swimming any time, day or night, and you can even go skinny dipping without worrying about nosy neighbors watching.
  • Protection from inclement weather – sometimes the weather can actually be too hot and potentially hazardous to be outside—even in a pool. Furthermore, even when the weather is less-than-desirable, you can still swim.
  • Swim year round – unless you live in a climate where the weather is warm year-round, you would only have the ability to swim in an outdoor pool during the warm months of the year. With an indoor pool, you can swim whether it's February or July.


  • No access to sunshine – in reasonable amounts, sun can be healthy. It promotes the production of vitamin D, and it can improve mood, combat certain skin ailments and even boost the immune system.
  • Greater expense – unless your home is a mansion, you will have to pay to have an addition  to your home built on in order to accommodate the pool. The expense of the addition as well as the cost of the pool itself could exceed your budget.
  • Substantially higher electric bills - in order to provide power for additional lighting, heat and water pumps, and other necessary equipment, electric bills can be higher than usual. You could opt for implementing an energy-saving plan to reduce your bill, however it will entail further investment. 
  • Growth of bacteria – due increased humidity from chlorine fumes, mold, mildew and other potentially harmful bacteria has a tendency to grow. Proper ventilation and a dehumidifier will usually prevent this problem, however.

So if you're contemplating having an indoor pool installed in your home, then you need to take the various pros and cons into consideration. There may be some things that you're unwilling to deal with in order to have an indoor pool, and you may opt for an outdoor pool instead. To learn more, contact a company like Bright And Clear Pool Care with any questions or concerns you have.