Four Methods Of Prototyping Your Product Before You Enter Production

Posted on: 8 December 2014

If you have a new product that you have designed, you will need to do testing on the real thing. This is why you will want to have a prototype for testing to see how it performs. You may want to use several different methods of prototyping, which can be things like sheet metal stamping, CNC machining or 3D printing depending on the product or part that needs to be tested. Here are four different methods that can be used for the prototyping of your product:

1. 3D Printing For Prototyping In All Sizes

3D printing is one of the newest methods of prototyping, which has many different advantages. It can quickly give you a functional product from CAD designs. If what you are building has a lot of plastic parts, 3D printing has many advantages, such as smaller machines that you can make yourself. There are also professional 3D printing services, which can do designs in various materials including metal.

2. Using CNC Machines For Designing Prototypes

CNC routing is an older method of computer-aided manufacturing. With a CNC router, your design can be cut out of almost any material. It has the advantage of allowing you to use various materials, which can include wood and other natural materials. If your project has any wood parts or hard metal, CNC routing will be the best option for getting your prototype done.

3. Machine Metal Stamping For Prototyping And Production

Machine metal stamping can be used in combination with a CNC router to make various parts for your prototype. With metal stamping, you will be able to quickly get your prototype done. You will also be able to begin smaller production runs of your prototype as soon as you have completed testing. This reduces the time you spend going from a testing phase to production. It is ideal if you only need a small production run of any part or product.

4. Molding For Prototyping Your Projects

Molding can also be used for prototyping your project. If you have plastic parts such as casing for a product, you can quickly make a mold to create the casing. It can also be used for doing things with materials such as carbon fiber, which is something you will need for projects that have lightweight parts. There are many different methods of molding, which usually begin with clay molds. This is an ideal process if you want to make your first prototype on your own.

These are some of the methods of prototyping that you can use. If you need help with a project that you want to quickly get into production, contact a metal stamping service such as Custom Stamping & Mfg Co to find out what they can do for your project.